if you wish to communicate better, you start by listening. 

If you wish to be noticed in this overcrowded world you need to create and communicate something of real value for real people, because good design and communication is all about relevance. So you need to put your assumptions aside, start to listen, look behind the words and the outer appearance and seek for the stories and the hearth (the WHY) that lies behind it all. Both when it comes to the hearth of your audience and the hearth of your company, brand and yourself. Then it's time to be really brave and put it all out there, because it is honest hearth to hearth communication that engages, captivates and creates meaningful value for all of us. 



Knowledge has no value unless you use and share it.

On twitter I share many of the resources, trends and tools that I find inspiring and valuable in my areas of interest, such as Design, Communication, Creativity, Storytelling, User Experience, Social Media, Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.